About me


Everything my brain thinks, it makes. Sounds simple right? I paint from my feelings and heart.
In addition to that, I also do custom designed art pieces that include my own style and input. It can be on canvas, board, wood, furniture etc. I am always open to new things so if you have an idea...shoot.                                                                                           
You can get in touch either by e-mail or any of the social media links on the homepage. To view my artwork please go to the My Art link.

digital Art

This is what got me started 20 years ago. I used to make designs for bands, things like logo's and cover art were the main thing here.
In combination of digital photography, I started to get more into the designing bit for poster art and art in general. This resulted in a very diverse portfolio of art.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                   
Custom Art
Custom art can be anything, whether created from metal, wood, stone or clay. Also jewellery of various designs. For me, it creates a sense of freedom when I am able to work on projects like that.If you would like to see some examples of my work then please take a look in the Art section at the top of the screen.

Poetic mind

I find poems allow me to show my feelings in a different way, rather than just images.
This allows the reader to create a visual themselves.
I have always felt that there is a larger amount of emotion and power behind the words if written from the heart. This is something I like to combine sometimes with my other artwork and projects.
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